Somali woman protesting against Qatari policies in Somalia spends two nights at the front door of the Qatari embassy in Mogadishu


A former presidential candidate has spent the past two nights at the door of the Qatari embassy in the capital Mogadishu protesting Doha’s policies towards Somalia.

Suuban Mahad Dirir, a former Jubbaland presidential candidate, sat in front of the embassy for more than 48 hours, saying her complaint had been denied and that she had been mistreated by security guards.

Speaking to the media, Suuban M. Dirir added that the reason the Qatari embassy was staying overnight was to criticize the Doha policy on Somalia, and also criticized Fahad Yassin, the commander of NISA.

Dirir argued that the Tamim administration has always been interfering in the country’s political affairs, deciding who will be in charge of Somalia, and now it is time to clarify. involved in Somalia’s internal politics, which in turn could undermine Somalia’s sovereignty and independence.

Earlier, she also tweeted why she was in front of the embassy:

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