Elman FC and Dekedda FC draw in a match that is part of the Somali Premier League


Elman FC and Dekedda FC have drawn a match as part of the Somali Premier League, which took place this afternoon at the country’s Stadium in Mogadishu.

Before the match, mourning was held for former Somali Football Federation secretary Hassan Farey who recently passed away in Mogadishu.

Anwar Shakunda lost a penalty kick to Dekedda FC in the 10th minute of the first half, much to the delight of his former club Elman.

Elman then took the lead in the 27th minute when Elman’s Mohamed Kylan scored for Dekedda, and the match ended 1-0 in favor of Elman FC.

In the second half, Dekedda managed to equalize, with a wonderful goal from Nigeria’s Emeka, and the game returned to the same level.

Dekedda FC is currently sixth in the Somali Premier League table with 12 points, while Elman FC is eighth with 11 points.

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