Somali Information Minister Mr Dubbe speaks about the talks between Somalia and Somaliland.


The Minister of Information of the Federal Government of Somalia and Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the Independence Day Osman Abukar Dubbe who spoke to the media said that the committee has a large task ahead of it, first of all preparing and celebrating the 61st anniversary of the liberation of the Northern regions the British colony on 26 June. Union of North and South on 1 July.

“We want to celebrate the 61st anniversary of the hoisting of the first Somali flag on June 26th and the unification of the two regions of North and South and the independence of the Southern Regions in total. June and July 1 will be, the days of independence, the days of the Nation which are truly special days for us, the Somali people wherever they are ‘. said Minister Dubbe

The Minister of Information and Chairperson of the Freedom Week Organizing Committee noted that the talks between the Federal Government of Somalia and Somaliland had reached a good stage, and that the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and the President of Somaliland Muse Bihi had met twice. set many issues, and the public is more confident that the talks will succeed.

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