Uganda’s Minister of Transport General Katumba shot, wounded.


Uganda’s Minister of Transport General Katumba Wamala was shot and wounded by unknown gunmen near his home in the capital Kampala.

His daughter and the driver of his car were killed in the attack, according to local sources.
A photo of him near his car showed gunshot wounds, and Katumba Wamala was bleeding profusely and was later rescued by the military.

Witnesses said the gunmen drove a motorcycle. General Wamala is a former army commander.

In the past few years, similar acts have taken place in the country by armed men on motorcycles.

In June 2018, Ibrahim Abiriga, a prominent politician and a staunch supporter of President Yoweri Museveni, was shot dead near his home.

Former police spokesman Andrew Felix Kaweesi was similarly killed in April 2017.

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