somaliland people still waiting the results of somaliland elections


The results of Somaliland’s local council and representative elections are widely awaited, with the counting of votes still underway, with preliminary results expected to be announced by the electoral commission late last night.

The people of Somaliland are eagerly awaiting the results of this election, and in some regions, such as Marodi-Jeer region, the counting of votes may take another few days, as it is the region with the highest number of voters.

There are results that are of great interest to people, especially on social media, including Barkhad Jama Batun for the Waddani party and Ridwan Osman for Borama.

International observers observing Somaliland’s elections are still at the polls, including former Sierra Leone President Bal Koroma.

These observers said that technically the preparations for this election were very high.

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