Who is the Most Valuable Politician in the House of Representatives Elections of Somaliland ?

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WADANI party spokesman and current member of the Somaliland House of Representatives Barkhad Jama Batun has won the majority of votes in the Somaliland House of Representatives.

Barkhad is a lawyer from one of the most marginalized communities in Somalia and has won a landslide victory over other candidates.

Barkhad Jama Batun was born in the early 1980s in Aw-Barkhadle, east of Hargeisa. He graduated from Abu Hureyra High School in Hargeisa.

He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Hargeisa.

Batun also holds three master’s degrees, majoring in good governance, politics and diplomacy.

During President Silanyo’s tenure, Barkhad Jama Batun was one of the young men sent to study in Egypt, where he received diplomas in diplomacy.

Prior to his political career, Barkhad worked for a number of local organizations.

The Somaliland Electoral Commission has announced that Barkhad Jama Batun, who was running for the House of Representatives in the Marodi Jeh region, received the highest number of votes for the House of Representatives with 20,231 votes.

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