Somaliland opposition coalition faces renewed pressure and Muse Bihi takes action


Somaliland’s coalition of opposition parties is facing new pressure, following the government’s interference in a recent coalition agreement, which stipulated that the two parties share seats in the new leadership of local councils and representatives.

According to recently released in Nairobi, the two parties have agreed that the opposition parties to take the capital, Mogadishu, where the party will take isagna of the House of Representatives, through meetings looga respond.

Hours later, there was an uproar over the way in which opposition parties divided the mayor of Hargeisa and the speaker of the House of Representatives, with President Muse Bihi formally interfering.

President Muse Bihi yesterday met with the most popular candidate for the Hargeisa City Council, who is running for the Waddani opposition party, after he issued a call yesterday to consider the more than 26,000 votes. given to the people of the capital.

Muse Bihi promised lawmaker Abdikarin Ahmed Mooge that he would work with him to realize his political ambitions supported by the people of the capital, undermining the opposition coalition’s plans.

“By coming to you today, we promise you your rights and the election you have complained about. We will work with you on the right path, God willing, and all the abuses and injustices that you have complained about. “We stand by you, and we have the right to work with you on any rights that you have in this election, in that vote and in your weight,” said Muse Bihi.

Abdikarin Ahmed Mooge, who is running for mayor of Hargeisa, thanked the president for his prompt response to the call, and said that his goodwill and commitment was a testament to that. from how he listens to the call of his people.

The meeting between Muse Bihi and Abdikarin Mooge was attended by some cabinet ministers, newly elected members of parliament, some newly elected members of the city council and others.

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