People killed in gun attack in Dhusamareb


DHUUSAMAREB, Galmudug — Three people were killed and several others were injured in an ambush by gunmen last night in the center of the Galmudug capital Dhusamareb.
The deceased were all civilians, including Omar Nur Callow, a businessman, and Liban Omar, a youth from the Galgadud region in central Somalia.
Witnesses told local media that the gunmen to indiscriminate shooting of civilians targeted phenomenon of time in places of entertainment.
So far, it is not clear why she was targeted. Also, what has not yet been identified were the gunmen who reportedly turned a blind eye to most of them.
“More than six people were injured in the shooting and were rushed to medical facilities for treatment. She added an eyewitness.
Dhusamareb Police Command briefly reported the incident and offered condolences to the victims and wished the patients well and said it would investigate the incident.
The incident, which has raised questions about how the militants managed it, comes as the capital of Galmudug is set to hold federal elections soon.

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