Somali government submits request to Qatar government


Somali foreign minister, Mohamed Mohamud Cabdirisaaaq recent visit to Qatar, met with Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of Qatar, Saad Bin Sultan, who has submitted a bid to support the country.

The meeting looga further bilateral support to Somalia, Qatar, especially in the security and economy.

The two officials agreed that the importance of overcoming the situation carefully looga against Somalia, a country that is expected to take place soon during the last election.

He called on the Qatari government to increase its support for the federal government, citing the current crisis in Somalia.

The meeting was part of a series of separate meetings between the Somali Foreign Minister and some Arab foreign ministers, which focused on the situation in Somalia.

However, the government of Qatar is one of the main supporters of the Somali federal government, and has been repeatedly linked to the outgoing president and director of NISA.

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