The Council of Candidates has backed Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble’s decision to remove the chief of staff.


The Council of Presidential Candidates of Somalia has supported the decision by Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble to remove NISA Chief of Staff Abdullahi Kullane and NISA Commander at Aden Adde International Airport Abdiwahab Sheikh.

A statement from the Union of Candidates said the NISA officers were illegally violating the constitutional right to freedom of movement and movement of Somali citizens.

The Union of Candidates has suggested that Prime Minister Roble’s move to crack down on illegal travel restrictions on Somali citizens and officials, be effective across the country.

“The Council calls on the outgoing President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, to refrain from violating the Constitution and his continued interference in the process of holding free and fair elections in the country. designated, ”concluded the Union of Candidates’ press release.

Read the statement from the Union of Candidates below.

midowga musharaxiinta oo taageeray go'aankii xilk loogaga qaaday saraakiil ka tirsan nisa

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