General Zakiya: Lessons I inherited from the leadership of Somali men – Article


Today is the 3rd anniversary of my appointment as the Deputy Commander of the Somali Police Force. Although I would like to commemorate the anniversary of the leaders’ performance, I have decided to celebrate my anniversary in a different way and share with you the challenges of the role.

It doesn’t make any sense to present my work to you because the correct calculation is the Day of Judgment and it is not a document that I have cut and boasted about.

This post I shared with you is not disappointing but I want to touch on reality so that every girl who wants to be the head of an organization dominated by men can consult with her on some of my challenges. met.

1) Advise any Fool to bully you; Our culture says that girls should be given special respect, that they should not be abused, and that if they offend you, we should not retaliate.

But if you are in charge, this article does not apply to you, but you should not let any idiot harass you, make you arrogant and try to discourage you.

Our men are not yet trained to command or control a woman in the workplace, so you need to find a skill that you can manage.

If you do not have a brother, a partner and a parent like me in the country, rely on extra pressure and heavy fighting and you also have no one to carry the burden with you. Be strong and resilient!

2) Support women but don’t expect support

As a woman in a high position, you have a special responsibility to support girls who are below you but do not have the ability. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

But never expect to be rewarded, because most of the hostility comes from women, especially those you are in charge of.

Consider that the attack on you will be different from the attack on your male counterparts because when you want to insult a man in the head it is more likely to be described as tribal, lying or corrupt but as a head girl you have to be careful in any way.

nothing but your dignity will be addressed. Recommend that you be fired for misconduct and slander, even if you have a PhD you are said to have committed the offense.

But know that everyone sees what he is like, so don’t be angry and don’t retaliate. Just trust your abilities and fulfill your responsibilities.

3) The Vice President is a genius who values ​​your position.

The military is strict and the deputy commander is no greater than the deputy commander. But responsibility is a name, the more you empower yourself the more we empower you.

When you are a girl who rules over a lot of men and your responsibilities are limited by the rules you work in, you need to do your best to be able to do it.

Men are strong when it comes to power but girls need to be smart. Although the top positions in the government are divided along clan lines, if you are a girl, do not rely on tribalism to be able to carry out your responsibilities because men have long said, “A woman does not have a clan.”

Find a good job ooga men dhigahaaga occupation strengthen and enforce responsibilities. For example, the Police Force has 3 members, 2 of whom are men. These male commanders can form a clan because one is a nephew of the President and the other is a cousin of the Prime Minister.

I have the opportunity I do not have so I organized harm the self-esteem of the preferred proud nation that reputation to look and focus on influencing social reasons oath is why today can say that I am one of the commanders, political and social consequences .

Although I do not even have the ability to replace a soldier, the technique I play is the main reason why some men do not attack me openly while others can even be said to be afraid of me.

Strength is the wisdom of men, my daughter, rely on your wisdom and wisdom!

4) Politics is mud so you can avoid it

Somali politics is 95% male-dominated and 100% of which is “I am bigger than you” and “I deserve you”. Therefore if you are considering a charge of up to 95% Note dagaalaha not going to apply to only focus you have a responsibility to protect the nation.

Because in a stadium where men are beating each other, a girl does not get involved and she does not succeed and she does not get help.

Limit your responsibilities; Play Button. Play Button If you can solve the current problem in depth, then do not think that you can be a referee on the football field.

5) For every mistake you make you will recognize the girls behind you and be vigilant.

If you are the first, third or hundreds of women in office, know that every mistake you make is not limited to you and will be valued by the leadership of all Somali women.

So avoid making mistakes especially the mistakes made by your peers. One of the most frequently asked questions is why I have not yet had a goof, house or real estate as my male counterparts and those below me have done.

Although I’m joking and saying that the house and property information is required of the man who wants to jump on the bandwagon, a general’s daughter has approached him and the fact is that I am very wary of a corrupt female ruler.

Girls are described as more loyal and well-mannered than men; Play Button. The next generation deserves a sunnah and a good history.

Know that you are a leader and that the criteria for evaluating you are different and more difficult than those of your peers. It is not fair but it is a fact that you need to find a solution.

Finally, as Somalis, the responsibility seems to be a thing of the past. Do not be fooled by the bullet-proof vehicle you are driving, or by soldiers and staff chasing you or by older men calling you or posing with teenagers.

All this is an illusion that has destroyed many men and women before and after you. How much pressure the last few years the city had mantana yesterday yasaayeen baryaaya? The duty is the prison of this world and the account of the Hereafter; or how Nelson Mandela turned your prison into a success or Saddam Hussein’s death. That’s how you use wisdom.

Mandela and Saddam did not only talk about their religion but also their different leaders.

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