Armed groups arrested in Mogadishu operation last night


More details are available from a planned operation by Somali government security forces last night in parts of Karaan district in Banadir region, which arrested armed men.

Reports say that three men armed with AK47 rifles and pistols were arrested during the operation.

Security officials revealed that the men were bandits and that they were robbing civilians of their mobile phones at the time of their arrest.

The officials also said that the men include a man who recently committed murder in the market of Karaan district, adding that they have now been arrested at the district police station and will be taken to court for action.

It was last night when the security forces arrested youths in Karaan who were armed with knives and axes, and they were causing a lot of trouble to the people living in the neighborhoods of the district at night.

reports from Daynile district in Benadir region confirm that two men were shot dead by unknown assailants.

These activities and operations that have begun in the capital are coming, in the run-up to the Somali Parliamentary elections.

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