EU Council officials assess security in Somalia


Officials from the African Union Security Council have arrived in the Somali capital Mogadishu to assess the overall security situation in Somalia.

Members of the African Union Security Council have begun meetings with Somali government officials to discuss the security situation in Somalia.

The Director General of the Ministry of Defense, Hassan Mohamed Said Samatar Gaaliye, said the purpose of the delegation was to assess whether Somali security agencies are ready to take over security from AMISOM.

“The members of this delegation will hold meetings with Somali government and AMISOM security officials on Wednesday to discuss the security situation in Somalia,” said the director general of the Somali Ministry of Defense.

The assessment of the security situation in Somalia and the extent of the strength of the Somali government forces comes at a time when Taliban fighters have taken control of Afghanistan this week after the withdrawal of US and allied forces.

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