Somaliland has today concluded the trial of the murder case of the late Ibrahim Abdishakur


Somaliland has today concluded the trial of the murder case of Ibrahim Abdishakur at the Amoud University campus in Borama in early July this year.

Government of Somaliland and she surged into the case has announced that she will be sentenced to death Osman Dirie toward the soldier after the death of the deceased, who was a student at the University of Oxford.

The convicted soldier was also among those guarding the University building.

According to the court which held various hearings in the case, Osman Diriye was found guilty of the charges, after witnesses and evidence were found.

The death of 21-year-old was twenty, and was president, especially a strong explosion caused outrage, was killed as he was attending the University.

Somaliland, which has been the scene of the killings, has intervened and called on the public to remain calm, with the arrest of the perpetrator and the sentencing of the Somaliland military court today.

The verdict was also welcomed by the relatives of the deceased, university students and the general public who were outraged by the killing of the young boy.

AUN Ibrahim Abdishakur was studying for his second year of the Faculty of Engineering at Amoud University in Borama.

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