Somaliland re-arrests journalist Abdimalik Muse Coldon


Somaliland police in the town of Burao this afternoon re-arrested Abdi Malik Muse Coldon, a humanitarian journalist.

Police took Coldon from his base in Burao, Togdheer region, and videos were posted on social media showing Coldoon walking around with police on his way to jail.

Somaliland police have not commented on why Coldon was arrested but his arrest is likely linked to a campaign against the Hargeisa Cultural Center and Abaarso School, which he has been posting on social media.

Coldon argued that the Hargeisa Cultural Center should invite same-sex marriage advocates during book fairs, and also accused Abaarso School of spreading immoral practices.

The Somaliland administration has strongly opposed Coldon’s allegations against the aforementioned institutions, and officials at the Cultural Center, as well as some Somaliland poets, have dismissed Coldon’s allegations as fabricated and unsubstantiated.

Coldon has been jailed several times in Somaliland after his remarks offended the administration’s leaders, who have been pardoned several times by the president.

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