Hiran regional administration announces elections in Beledweyne


The security committee of Hiran region has today issued strict orders regarding the security of Beledweyne town, announcing that the upcoming parliamentary elections will take place in Somalia.

The committee held a meeting in Beledweyne today and agreed that anyone found to be dealing with Al-Shabaab will be recognized as part of the group and strict action will be taken against them.

Hiran Regional Administration spokesman Abdi Mumin Elmi, who read out the committee’s decisions to the media, said security forces have been ordered to take appropriate action against anyone seen engaging in security breaches.

Read the board’s decisions below

Anyone found carrying a gun and plain clothes in Beledweyne will be confiscated, and legal action and arrest will be taken.

Anyone who goes to al-Shabaab-controlled areas will be identified and treated like al-Shabaab.
Strict and legal action will be taken against all companies, international and local organizations affiliated with Al-Shabaab.

Anyone who is seen endangering security is ordered by the security forces to take appropriate action.
All communities in Hiran region, especially in Beledweyne, are urged to work with the security forces to ensure security in the run-up to the elections.

The decision comes as militias led by General Hud, who is strongly opposed to the HirShabelle administration, have repeatedly entered Beledweyne, the regional capital of Hiraan, in preparation for the country’s elections.

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