Farmajo hosts dinner for Turkish delegation and diplomats


The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia HE Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo hosted a dinner at the Presidential Palace in honor of the diplomats and the Turkish delegation who attended the 10th anniversary of the re-establishment of relations between Somalia and Turkey.

The President pointed out that the long-standing relationship between the Somali people and their Turkish brothers is based on cooperation and mutual respect, and the Somali people and government are grateful to the Turkish Government for its historic support.

“Relations between Somalia and Turkey date back to the Ottoman Empire. Today, our solid diplomatic ties have created many opportunities for our two governments in the areas of trade, security and integration of our two peoples. ”

President Farmajo highlighted the significant gains made in the areas of security, military reconstruction, infrastructure, education, trade, health and integration between the two peoples of Turkey and Somalia.

“While our two governments, Somalia and Turkey, are committed to relentlessly advancing fruitful co-operation, the strong relationship between our two peoples is a positive sign that it will continue. our co-operation and brotherhood is based on a relationship based on mutual respect and cooperation. ”

The President of the Republic noted that the Government and the people of Somalia share the pain with their Turkish brothers who recently lost their lives in the fires and floods in parts of the Republic of Turkey, which also caused property damage.

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