The British prime minister has changed his stance on the Taliban


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has changed his stance on the Taliban, saying Britain will work with the group if necessary.

This is in stark contrast to Johnson’s call last week when the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, when he said the UK would never recognize the group.

“What I want to reassure the public is our political efforts to find a solution in Afghanistan. “Working with the Taliban, if necessary, will of course happen,” Johnson said.

Johnson’s comments come as Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday expressed support for the Taliban and warned of Western pressure on the group.

Speaking after a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Moscow, Putin said that the rest of the world, including the West, should not impose its values ​​on Afghanistan.

Johnson said the situation at Kabul International Airport, where thousands of Afghans had fled to flee the country, was improving.

The British government says it has confirmed the evacuation of 1,615 people since last Saturday, including 399 Britons, 230 embassy staff, and 420 Afghans.

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