Candidate Union issues statement


The members of the Council of Presidential Candidates met in Mogadishu today to discuss the situation in the country, especially the upcoming elections.

Spokesman for the Union of Candidates Dahir Mohamud Guelleh said their meeting focused on the challenges facing the country, particularly in the run-up to the elections, in light of four issues.

1: The revelation of the election, the darkness, the frustration of the Somali people, and the responsibility of the outgoing President Farmajo.

  1. To remind each other that the Union of Candidates stands for free and fair elections in this country.
  2. To have discussions with the Consultative Council on the State Elections, convey their concerns about the electoral process, and share the results with the community.
  3. That the government led by Prime Minister Roble is in talks with them, and that they are discussing how to hold fair and agreed elections in the country.

Members of the Union of Candidates recently announced their opposition to the Parliamentary election process issued by the Consultative Assembly.

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