Police in Puntland’s Bari region seize counterfeit currency


Police in Bari region have today conducted an operation to seize counterfeit US dollars and EUROs in Bosaso, the capital of Puntland State of Somalia.

The counterfeit currency amounted to more than 2.6 million dollars and euros and was denominated in one hundred and ten thousand and one thousand notes each, while it was also intended to be misused. fraction.

Bossaso Mayor Abdiqani Ahmed Ismail, Bari Regional Police Commander Hussein Ali Mohamud and Bosaso Bank Governor Muse Ow Hussein Duale were present at the display.

Bari Regional Police Commander Colonel Hussein Ali Mohamud, who spoke at the counterfeit counter, said that the police had managed to seize the money and its occupants, adding that the forces had saved the people and the country from being robbed and harassed. is dangerous if it enters the markets of Bosaso.

He thanked the police force for its role in helping the people of their country and their country to address the plight of the people.

The counterfeit dollars and euros seized in Bossaso were the largest seizure in Bossaso and other parts of Puntland.

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