Prime Minister Roble: “I welcome the President’s acceptance of Fahad Yassin’s dismissal


A statement from Prime Minister Roble read as follows: Press Release: Quick release

The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia HE Mohamed Hussein Roble welcomes the President’s acceptance of the dismissal of the former Director of NISA HE Fahad Yasin Haji Dahir.

The Prime Minister instructs the Interim Director General of NISA, Major General Bashir Mohamed Jama, to take office immediately, and orders National Intelligence and Security Agency officials to work fully with the new Director General. General Bashir Mohamed Jama

The Prime Minister is making it clear to the Somali people that the Presidential Decree 06-09-2021 and 07-09-2021 show that he is still following the Electoral and Security Responsibilities handed over to the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister is also concerned that the steps taken by the President are a hindrance to the full implementation of the case of Ikram Tahliil Farah, who has previously barred the judiciary from conducting a full investigation. In that case.

The Prime Minister finds it unfortunate that the rights of Somali citizens are being politicized, a practice that is a threat to the country’s system of government and should be addressed by anyone who thinks so.

The Prime Minister reiterated his call for the Prosecution and the Armed Forces Tribunal to expedite the investigation into the case of Ikram Tahliil Farah and bring him before a competent court.

All Commanders of the Armed Forces are instructed to assist the Prosecution of the Armed Forces and the Judiciary in fulfilling their responsibilities in this regard.

The Prime Minister called on the security agencies to strengthen security and stability in the country, protect the rights of citizens, and be vigilant against any action that could infringe on the freedoms and fundamental rights of the Somali people.

The Prime Minister calls on the Somali people to help bring justice to Ikram Tahliil Farah.

Finally, the Prime Minister, on behalf of the National Consultative Assembly, assures the Somali people and the international community that the country’s electoral process will be accelerated, and calls for unity so that the elections can end peacefully. and at the same time, prevent any obstacles.

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