Heegan Football Club Introduces Four Players


Heegan FC has introduced four new players including Negeeye Deeq, Mustaf Ibrahim Ali and Abdirahman Mohamed Cama from FC Geeska Africa who have returned to the country’s second division soccer championship.

Yassin Abukar Mohamed from Shangaani district and Jabril Hassan Aqli who played for Sweden were among the signatories.

The club managed by coach Abdi Joon has made various signings in the last few days as part of the preparations for the new season 2021/2022, the first division of our Somali Premier League, heegan FC said in a statement.

The club has posted a list of the four players on Facebook, although they have not announced the contracts they have signed.

However, Heegan FC, which finished third last season, is the club that has made the most signings in the Somali Premier League for the new season 2021/2022.

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