UN Under-Secretary-General reports on meetings with Somali leaders


UN Under-Secretary-General Amina Jane Mohamed arrived in Mogadishu yesterday and met with President Farmajo, Prime Minister Roble, and members of the National Consultative Assembly of Regional Administrations.

In a statement issued during a meeting with Roble and the leaders of the national consultation, she said the authorities had shown good leadership and commitment to improving the role of Somali women in politics and reducing the issue of women’s fees. Among the candidates.

“Prime Minister Roble and the leaders of the National Consultative Assembly have shown great leadership and commitment to promote women’s participation in politics, including specific measures such as reducing the fees for female candidates, and appointing members to advocate for In addition, it is important to agree on a specific way to achieve the 30% quota for the next election, ”said UN Under-Secretary-General Amina Jane.

Amina Jane also spoke on the issue of Ikraan Tahliil and said that it is important for Ikraan to get justice in order to prevent any violation of the rights of all women.

“I trust the Somali leadership to defuse any tension and refrain from any action that could lead to violence that could delay the election or undermine its credibility,” said UN Under-Secretary-General Amina Jane Mohamed.

Travel from Mogadishu to Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations comes at a strong rift between the country’s top leaders Farmajo and Roble.

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