Men convicted of extorting money from civilians, claiming to be members of Al-Shabaab


Somalia’s military court has sentenced two men to life in prison for extorting money from businessmen

Mohamed Ali Abdi Ishaq and Ahmed Yasin Haji Gabow are accused of extorting money businessmen
from and kidnapping several people for ransom.

Mohamed Ali Abdi Ishaq and Ahmed Yasin Haji Gabow used SIMCARD SOMNET to ask Somali businessmen to pay al-Shabaab bribes to the Somali public.

While extorting money, they abducted several Somali girls for ransom Between $ 1,000 and $ 2,000, the suspects also claimed to have been carrying money in the name of al-Shabaab, which they had been able to obtain several times, they used to force people to book in mosques and neighborhoods on the outskirts of Mogadishu and in the main Bakara market.

One of the victims who witnessed the trial of the two accused told the judge that she was suspicious of both money laundering and informed the security forces, particularly the National Security and Intelligence Agency, who arrested Mohamed Ali Abdi Ishaq and Ahmed Yasin. Haji Gabow, in late May this year.

He was handed over to the defendants in late July, at which time the Prosecutor’s Office, which has the power to move the case, asked the court to keep the accused in custody.

The Prosecutor’s Office, after a lengthy investigation, requested that the case be rescheduled for late August this year, and the Court accepted the first hearing at the same time.

The Office of the Prosecutor has called for punishment for the crimes committed by Mohamed Ali Abdi Ishaq and Ahmed Yasin Haji Gabow, who created a new face in Mogadishu that needs to be eradicated.

Prosecutor Mohamed Abdullahi Khalif told the judge that the defendants even threatened their captives with money that the car was packed with explosives and that if they acted they could explode. facilitates Defendants to remove Businesswomen from the City.

Defendants’ attorneys also asked the court to recover damages from the defendants and said the crime they committed was limited to extortion.

After several sessions, the court today ruled in favor of Mohamed Ali Abdi Ishaq and Ahmed Yasin Haji Gabow, and sentenced them to 15 years in prison each, according to Colonel Hassan Ali Nur Shuute, chairman of the court. First Class of the Armed Forces.

Defendants have the opportunity to appeal within 30 days.

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