Other MPs to be elected in Jowhar today


Members of the House of Representatives
Hir-Shabelle region will hold a meeting for the second day in a row to elect members of the upper house.

Yesterday, three senators were elected in Jowhar, namely Muse Sudi Yalahow, Fartun Abdulkadir Karama and Nur Mohamed Gedi (Canjeex).

Today, it is expected that three senator will also be elected, so that the election of the Upper House of the Hir-Shabelle constituency will be completed tomorrow, and the candidates will run for three seats today.

Hirshabelle MPs will re-elect up to three seats today.

1: Candidate Hassan Idow Muhumed
2: Candidate Abdinur Ibrahim Nur
3: Candidate Osman Ahmed Macow

1: Candidate Osman Mohamud Dufle
2: Candidate Mohamud Ahmed Nur Tarsan
3: Candidate Rage Hassan Huute

1: Candidate Ali Shabaan Ibrahim
2: Candidate Caballe Hussein Abdi
3: Candidate Asha Hussein Abukar
4: Candidate Abdullahi Tawaad
5: Candidate Abdikadir Hanafi

Security in Jowhar town has been tightened and security forces are seen on the roads leading to and from the Hir-Shabelle presidential palace.

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