Casualties of fighting in Mogadishu this morning


Various reports are emanating from the ongoing fighting in parts of Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia.

Heavy fighting broke out between the Banadir intersection and Digfer hospital in Hodan district.

Reports add that the fighting is between police and military forces led by an official named Liban Madaxweyne.

Ali Yare, the deputy governor of security and politics for the region, said in a statement that the fighting had sparked a dispute over land.

Ali Yare also ruled out that the fighting was based on political issues or tensions in Mogadishu.

“There is a land dispute. It has nothing to do with politics, ”said the deputy security commissioner of Benadir region.

The commander of the specially trained cheetahs, Abdihamid Abdullahi Fanah, and other officers and soldiers were wounded in the fighting, according to credible sources.

There were also casualties among civilians near the scene of the fighting, with up to three civilians injured.

The situation is still tense, and the area is now under the control of the Benadir regional forces in Mogadishu.

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