PM Roble discusses elections with Northern politicians (Somaliland)


Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble met with Speaker of the Upper House Abdi Hashi Abdullahi and Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Mohamed Guled in his office today.

The meeting focused on preparations for the Upper House elections in the Northern Regions (Somaliland) and the submission of the list of candidates for the Upper House as soon as possible.

The meeting comes at a time when the Electoral Commission of the Northern Regions Administration has asked Abdi Hashi and Mahdi Guled to submit the list of candidates for the Upper House of the Northern Regions.

The meeting was attended by the Chairman of the Supreme Court Bashi Yusuf Ahmed who in recent days has been part of the meetings of politicians in the Northern regions, as well as took part in resolving the dispute between the Speaker of the Upper House and the Deputy Prime Minister.

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