Fahad Yasin was not arrested but his plane refused to take him to Mogadishu “Djibouti’s Foreign Minister Mahmoud Ali Youssouf said”.


The Turkish Airlines plane carrying Somalia’s national security adviser Fahad Yassin and other members recently took off from Djibouti en route to Istanbul.

The plane was carrying a large number of people, including President Farmajo’s national security adviser Fahad Yasin Haji Dahir, who was on his way to Mogadishu.

In a statement posted on his Twitter account, Djiboutian Foreign Minister Mohamed Ali Youssouf said: “All passengers on the Turkish Airlines flight to Mogadishu will return to Istanbul today to resume another flight to Mogadishu.

The minister also said that nonsense had been spread on social media, and that they want the Somali crisis to be transferred to Djibouti.

Finally, the Minister said that they will stand by Somalia and not interfere in the internal affairs of Somalia.

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