Bula-burde district administration details the explosions that destroyed the airport building


At least five people have been injured in an explosion at the new Bulo-Burde airport complex in central Somalia’s Hiran region.

The bombs, which were attached to a new building for people entering and exiting the airport, were completely dumped on the ground, according to photos.

Local authorities have blamed al-Shabaab for the bombings that destroyed the new Bula-Burde airport complex.

Bulo-Burde district commissioner Ahmed Mahad Nur said this morning when the administration and troops left the airport there was an explosion by Al-Shabaab at the airport, injuring five people.

He added that all those injured in the blast have been brought to Mogadishu, and will make efforts to ensure the security of the airport.

Many people are wondering why Bulo-Burde airport, which is secured by government and Djiboutian troops under AMISOM, is easily destroyed by Al-Shabaab.

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