DANAB Commandos conduct operation


DANAB Commandos, 4th Brigade 16th Battalion conducted a planning operation in Yaaqbiri-Weyne area of ​​Walanweyn district in Lower Shabelle region.

The officials who led the operation said that their purpose was to monitor the situation in the area where Al-Shabaab has been displacing civilians in recent days.

They also said that during the operation, the DANAB Commandos provided social assistance to the residents of Yaqbiri-Weyne, who were in various situations.

Lastly, DANAB military officials said that they will continue operations against Al-Shabaab until they remove the areas under Walanweyn district in Lower Shabelle region.

Yaqbari-Weyne in Lower Shabelle region has been the scene of several clashes between government forces and Al-Shabaab militants.

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