South West President discusses election security with Ethiopian Ambassador


The President of South West State of Somalia Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed Laftagareen has received the Ethiopian Ambassador to Somalia, HE Abdifatah Sheikh Abdullahi at the State House in Baidoa.

In a meeting with the President of the South West, accompanied by members of his Cabinet and Ambassador Abdifatah, the issues of elections and security in the South West were discussed.

South West President Abdi Aziz Hassan Mohamed l (aftagareen) thanked the Ethiopian government for its security support to the South West Administration, and asked them to increase it.

For his part, Ethiopian Ambassador to Somalia Abdifatah Sheikh Abdullahi expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome extended to him in Baidoa and said that they will continue to work with the leaders of the South West Administration.

Ethiopia has a wide range of military forces operate in the name of the area in several districts of Bay and Bakool, which contribute to the fight against Al-Shabaab.

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