Taliban close Afghan Women’s Ministry


Afghanistan’s new Taliban government has apparently shut down the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and replaced it with a ministry aimed at promoting morality and preventing abuse.

At the front door of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs building in Kabul, a new sign was unveiled on Friday stating that it would henceforth be the headquarters of the “Ministry of Awareness, Orientation, Propagation and Prevention of Evil.”

The Taliban has also removed staff from the women’s empowerment program, which was funded by the World Bank, $ 100 million, according to Sharif Akhtar, one of the people forcibly evicted from the former women’s ministry building.

A statement from the Taliban’s Ministry of Education on Saturday said, “All teachers and students should go to their educational institutions.”

This statement does not mention female teachers or female students.

The move is the latest in a series of restrictions imposed by the Taliban on women in the capital, Kabul, although it has said it will reduce restrictions on women and girls.

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