Galmudug administration and Somali regional government discuss the killing of four soldiers


The vice president of Galmudug state Ali Dahir Eid has talked to top officials of the Somali regional government about the attack that killed four Liyu police officers in Goobweyne area of ​​Somali region.

Ali Dahir Eid, Galmudug’s vice president, first offered his condolences on the deaths of the officers, promising that the authorities would arrest the perpetrators in collaboration with Somali government forces.

The Vice President of Galmudug thanked President Mustaf Cagjer for his role in calming the situation following the killing of four Liyu police officers.

Finally, the Vice President of Galmudug called on the residents of the area to work with their administration and contribute to the security of the areas along the Somali-Ethiopian border.

Conflicts and attacks along the Galmudug administration’s border with the Somali regional government have intensified in recent years, and there have been plans to counter the two administrations, which have not yet been implemented.

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