Hir-Shabelle president meets with international community representatives


Ali Gudlawe Hussein President of Hir-Shabelle State afternoon’s online (zoom) with members of the International.

The President reported on the progress made during his tenure in the areas of security, economy and the upcoming Upper House elections and preparations for the Lower House elections.

Representatives of the International Community in Somalia welcomed the President of Hir-Shabelle’s efforts to complete the election of members of the Upper House representing Hir Shabelle and to expedite the elections to the House of the People.

They also praised his ongoing efforts to reach out to all communities and his commitment to securing a 30 per cent quota for women in the Somali parliament.

Hir-Shabelle President Ali Gudlawe Hussein for his part thanked the representatives of the international community for their support to Somalia, and said that the Hir-Shabelle administration will work closely with them.

Representatives of the international community in the Halane camp in Mogadishu have been holding meetings with the leaders of the Federal Government of Somalia and regional governments in recent days to discuss the election process.

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