Puntland begins distribution of voting cards


The Puntland Interim Electoral Commission (IEC) has today launched voter registration for the upcoming local council elections in Karkar region.

The members of the Interim Electoral Commission (IEC) have today distributed voter cards to those who want to participate in the elections, who have registered in the districts of Qardho, Eyl, Ufeyn and the surrounding areas.

The chairman of the Puntland Interim Electoral Commission, Karkar Regional Office, Mohamud Ismail, who unveiled the ballot papers, said the distribution of ballots would take eight days to hold the by-elections for the three districts.

He said only those who had already registered would be given the cards, and urged them to take their voting cards properly.

Puntland will hold by-elections on 26 to elect local councilors in Karkar region.

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