Government and Jubbaland forces conduct joint operation


The operation was carried out jointly by the 5th Battalion of the 16th Battalion of the DANAB Commandos and the forces of the Jubbaland state such as Darawish and Security in recent days in areas of Lower Jubba region.

The operation was carried out in Bar Sanguni, Malayley, Bandarjadiid, Arare, Koban, Bangeeni and other areas in Lower Juba region, where members of Al-Shabaab were sometimes seen.

Officials leading the operation said they had killed 13 al-Shabaab fighters, most of them officers, as well as bombed al-Shabaab bases.

The officials also said that they will continue operations against Al-Shabaab in Lower Jubba region.

There have been several clashes between government forces and Jubbaland administration forces and members of Al-Shabaab in some parts of Lower Jubba region.



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