Somali Federal Government speaks about Somali businessmen arrested in Turkey



Police in the Turkish city of Ankara on the 16th of this month arrested Somali businessmen, both men and women, who were released on Tuesday.

The traders were ordered to leave Turkey within 30 days.

Somalia’s ambassador to Ankara Jama Aideed said Somali businessmen had sued the residents of the neighborhood, but after much effort they released them.

The ambassador said the reason for the arrests was that they had traveled to Turkey on tourist and student visas and were not allowed in Turkey.

Lastly, the ambassador said that the Somali business community had told him that the detainees had been given several warnings and asked to make their stay in the country legal, but it was difficult.

Reports indicate that the number of Somali business people arrested is 9, including 7 men and two wome

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