Somali Regional State Opposition Boycotts Ethiopian Election


The Ethiopian Electoral Commission (SEC) has said that the final phase of preparations for the by-elections to be held on the 30th of this month is underway in some parts of the country.

Somali, Hereri and non-polling stations on June 21st are among those areas.

About 22 parties are vying for 47 seats in the federal parliament and a number of constituencies.

But opposition parties in the Somali Regional State have boycotted the election, saying they are still concerned about past suspicions that have not been properly resolved.

Ibrahim Mohamed Hussein, deputy chairman of the Justice and Equality Party, said the ballot papers had been looted and handed over to the ruling BB party, which had filed a lawsuit.

In an interview with the BBC, Ibrahim said the electoral commission’s response was to nullify the ballot papers and not just make a number, but leave the rest to itself, thus boycotting the election.

Elections are expected to begin on May 30 in most regions of Ethiopia, boycotted by opposition parties in the Somali regional state.



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