Algeria closes flights to Morocco


Algeria’s Security Council on Wednesday decided to close all Moroccan civilian and military aircraft, according to the Algerian presidency, less than a month after severing diplomatic ties with neighboring Morocco.

A statement from the Algerian government said the decision was a result of “continued provocations and hostile practices in Morocco”.

The closure of Algeria’s airspace will also affect any aircraft carrying Morocco’s registration number, according to the country’s presidency, following a meeting of the National Security Council.

Reuters reports that there has been no official response from Morocco, and sources at Royal Air Maroc say the closure will only affect 15 weekly flights between Morocco and Tunisia, Turkey and Egypt. .

Sources described the closure as insignificant, and said the affected aircraft could return to the Mediterranean air.

Algeria decided late last month to cut diplomatic ties with Morocco, calling it “hostile” to the kingdom, and Algeria was referring to remarks made by the Moroccan envoy to New York that they preferred independence to Algeria’s Kabylie region. .

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