Fighting against Al-Shabaab declared in Lower Shabelle


In Janale, Lower Shabelle region, officials from the Somali National Army recently arrived and the local administration met to discuss how to carry out operations against Al-Shabaab.

The meeting was attended by the Commander of the Special Forces Abdullahi Mustafe Ali (Madaale Qaran) and other former officers, AMISOM and local authorities.

Janale District Commissioner Abdirahman Abdinur (Al-Adalada) said general security in the area is better than a year and a half ago, and the October 14th in the area are being carried out day and night. Al-Shabaab.

He added that in recent days he has heard that Al-Shabaab officials have arrived in the area, and said that government forces in collaboration with the district administration are ready to fight Al-Shabaab. Shabaab.

Meanwhile, the commanders of the 83rd and 84th Brigades of the 14th October Brigade, Major Nuradin Hussein Maalim and Major Abdullahi Mohamed Nur, jointly stated that they were ready to launch operations against Al Shabaab.

They said they were committed to removing al-Shabaab from all villages near Janale in the Lower Shabelle region to ensure their safety.

Janale in the Lower Shabelle region, which is under the control of Marka town, is one of the areas previously taken over from Al-Shabaab in late 2019.

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