Galmudug Local Government Conference Opens Today


Acting President of Galmudug Ali Dahir Eid today inaugurated the Galmudug Local Government and Conference.

The conference, organized by the Ministry of Interior, Federalism and Reconciliation, was attended by the pre-1991 Galmudug District Administrations.

The vice president of Galmudug said that the policy of the government led by President Ahmed Abdi Kadiye has the power to decentralize and reduce the number of local councils in Galmudug.

“We are determined to transfer the various services provided by the state to the local government, such as health, education, water and electricity,” said Galmudug Vice President Ali Dahir Eid.

The vice president also instructed the Ministry of Interior to set up districts that do not have local councils for the next three months and added that by the end of this year, the ministry should have all local councils in Galmudug.

The meeting, which was attended by ministers, directors, district commissioners and senior advisers, will continue until this afternoon.




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