Candidates’ Union urges Roble not to negotiate elections & security



The Council of Candidates said it was closely monitoring the talks between outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and caretaker Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble, which ultimately failed.

A two-page statement from the Coalition of Candidates stated that Prime Minister Roble had made a major concession, but the outgoing President had refused to resolve the dispute, seeking to re-run the election & security through injustice. searching for Ikraan Tahlil.

The Council of Candidates has proposed six points to Prime Minister Roble, the National Consultative Assembly and the international community, namely:

1. Encourages the Prime Minister to expedite the electoral process, take control of the security of the country, and never negotiate the agreement of 27 May to control the security and conduct the elections in the country. The council is ready to support you in this difficult task.

2. The Council urges the National Consultative Assembly to expedite the electoral process, facilitate it as soon as possible, and address concerns about the process, in order to save the country from political uncertainty and insecurity. ready to assist in this task.

3. Emphasizes that the Armed Forces should not be involved in politics, and should support the National Consultative Assembly in holding elections in the country, and prevent anyone from trying to disrupt the elections.

4. Calls on the international community to assist the National Consultative Assembly in expediting the conduct of the elections and to identify the individuals who are obstructing the electoral process.

5. The Council is monitoring the activities of the military and the conspiracies of the outgoing President and the former NISA Commander, to disrupt the electoral process and create instability and insecurity. The council will never allow this to happen, and it is clear that Farmajo will take responsibility and the consequences of such wrongdoing.

6. The Council calls for justice for Ikraan Tahlil and her family, and calls for the judiciary to be left to its own devices. He urges the prosecution and the military tribunal to clarify the obstacles to justice.

Finally, the Council calls on the Somali people, the leaders of the National Consultative Assembly, and the international community to work together to hold the elections sooner rather than later, and to turn away from the spoilers who are disrupting the electoral process.



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