New players appear in FC Dekaddaha training this morning. Somali Premier League 2021-2022


The training of FC Dekaddaha football team this morning featured new players as part of Dekaddaha’s plans, including former Jeenyo and Horseed player Mohamud Abdinur Meyma who won the Somali Premier League last season. Horseed football.

Mohamud Abdinur Meyma, a player who was trained by FC Dekaddaha at Tayo Stadium this morning, said that he is very happy to join Dekaddaha club and hopes to win the General Da’ud Cup and the Somali Premier League.

Meanwhile, FC Dekaddaha coach Rashid said that the team has been preparing for the last two weeks and will focus on winning all the competitions that FC Dekaddaha will be participating in in the new season 2021-2022 and he hopes to win with his team. He added that there are new players who will be joining the club in the new season.

However, the Dekaddaha Football Club finished 5th in the standings of the Somali Premier League for the 2020-2021 season.








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