Puntland President Meets with UN Delegation



Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni today received at the Puntland State House in Garowe, United Nations Envoy to Somalia James Swan and a delegation led by the European Union, the African Union and Sweden’s Ambassador to Somalia Per Lingarde.

The President and representatives of the international community discussed issues in Puntland and Somalia in general, such as the historic one-man, one-person elections in Somalia, the Somali elections and development projects in Puntland.

“It was an important meeting at the right time, in the new phase of Puntland with a one-person, one-vote election,” said Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni.

James Swan, the United Nations Envoy to Somalia, led by representatives of the international community, congratulated the people of Puntland on the establishment of a democratic system in Puntland, which today launched a campaign for political parties in Qardho, Ufeyn and Eyl, on 25, 2021. there will be a one-person, one-vote election.

The meeting also discussed the general situation in Somalia such as security, politics and the economy, and Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni and representatives of the international community discussed in depth how to address the challenges of the Somali elections.

“We have been working hard to find a solution to the election in a peaceful, peaceful environment and to overcome all the current challenges, political and security challenges that may arise. In the meantime, I hope that Somalia will move forward.

The elections will be held on time, God willing, and the challenges facing the Somali people, with the support of the international community, will be addressed.

I hope that the change that the Somali people are waiting for and the stability that will lead to peace will be created. ”Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni.

The President of Puntland Congratulates the Projects in Puntland “Working here, I hope what happened was important.” Said Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni.

The meeting was attended by Puntland Vice President Ahmed Elmi Osman Karaash, Ministers of Planning, Interior and the Director General of the Puntland Presidency.




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