Six teenagers arrested in US for killing Somali boy


Another sixth person has been charged with murder in connection with the stabbing of an 18-year-old boy.

Abdirahman Mohamed died at a hospital after being found with multiple stab wounds. The teenager was picked up on Melbourne Street, Leicester, on September 8.

Zakir Brant, 25, was charged after police arrested him on Friday in connection with Abdirahman’s killing, and he will appear in Leicester City Court on Monday.

Also on Saturday, police arrested a sixth man who is also suspected of murder.

Eight people have already been charged in connection with the death of the Somali boy.

The plaintiffs are:

– Mohammed Israfeel Gul, 27, of New Way Road

– Daniel Pollard, 29, of Calder Road.

– Mohammed Hansrod, 29, of Dulverton Road

– Abdul Hemid Suleman, 58, from Jupiter Close

– Bhavic Parmar, 25, lives in Bowling Green Street.

All of these men will be prosecuted for the murder of Abdirahman Mohamed.


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