Kenya: Al-Shabaab members died in blast between Sarira and Ras Kiamboni near Ishakani, Lamu County.


At least 15 suspected al-Shabaab members have been killed after their vehicle struck a landmine near, Somalia’s border with Kenya.

Speaking to Nation, Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) spokesperson Esther Wanjiku confirmed that the incident took place around 9.30am on Monday between Sarira and Ras Kiamboni near Ishakani, Lamu County.

Colonel Wanjiku said the landmine was planted by another al-Shabaab group before other members of al-Shabaab overran it.

The car exploded and burned all the occupants.

“I can confirm that 15 Al-Shabaab members are dead. They were two groups. One group set off a roadside mine to look at but the other group, unaware of the roadside mine, did not recognize the road, and their vehicle exploded. All 15 people in the car died, ”said Col Wanjiku.

He added: “If an enemy dies, that is important to us. Residents should not be discouraged. Our security agencies are committed to protecting the safety of civilians and their property. ”

The Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) is still conducting security checks and removing landmines planted by al-Shabaab.

Security officials called on the public to co-operate with security and remain calm.


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