Speeches by the candidates for the Upper House of the Northern Regions will be heard today


On Tuesday, delegates to the Upper House of the Northern Regions are expected to listen to the speeches of the candidates for the Upper House seats in the Northern Regions of Somaliland in the Aficiooni Hall in Mogadishu.

Yesterday, the speeches were scheduled to be heard so that the election could take place today, but the election commission announced that they had postponed it.

The 11 seats in the northern regions of Somaliland in the Upper House are being contested by some of the past four years and newcomers who are now seeking to compete.

The first seat was only up for grabs for Speaker of the Upper House Abdi Hashi Abdillahi, but Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Guled announced last night that he had found a candidate, who was registered with the Electoral Commission, named Said Omar Hussein. .

Candidates delivering speeches today, both men and women, have their names.

First Seat.

Abdi Hashi Abdullahi

Said Omar Hussein

Second seat
1. Ahmed Ibrahim Mohamed (Qorane)
2. Bashe Mohamed Ismail

Third Seat
1. Layla Ahmed Ismail
2. Mohamed Mohamud Abdi

Fourth seat
1. Deeqa Hassan Hussein
2. Hodan Abokor Hassan

Fifth seat
1. Prof. Mohamed Mohamud Allabari
2. Prof. Abdi Ismail Samatar
3. Abdirahman Osman Ali

Sixth seat
1. Bilal Idris Abdillahi
2. Zeinab Ahmed Boqore

Seventh seat
1. Salah Ahmed Jama
2. Irahim lidle Saleebaan

Eighth Seat
1. Said Abdi Hussein
2. Jama Abdilahi Mohamed

9th seat
1. Abdirizaq Ahmed Ali
2. Hassan Abdi Gas
3. Ahmed Mohamed Said

The tenth seat
1. Osman Abokor Dubbe
2. Abdikarim Mohamed Hassan

11th seat
1. Muna Omar Hassan
2. Naima Hassan Haji Mohamud (Gadweyne)
3. Suaad Hassan Mohamed.

Tomorrow, the Upper House elections are expected to take place at the Aficiooni Camp Hall in Mogadishu, and security will be ensured by the Somali Police Force and AMISOM.


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