Some seats in the Upper House of the Northern Regions to be elected today.


The election of six of the upper house seats in the northern regions of Somaliland is set to take place today.

The Electoral Commission of the Northern Regions has announced the names of the candidates for the six seats to be elected today, with selected delegates voting.

Three of the seats in the Upper House of the Northern Regions are tight, with Prime Minister Roble’s cabinet ministers and politicians holding various positions in the Somali government vying for the seat.

The six seats in the Upper House that are expected to be elected today are nominated by men and women, who campaigned last night, and their names are as follows:

1. Abdi Hashi Abdilahi
2 Said Omar Hussein

1. Salah Ahmed Jama
2. Ibrahim lidle Saleebaan

1. Prof. Mohamed Mohamud Allabari

2. Prof. Abdi Ismail Samatar.

3. Abdirahman Osman Ali

1. Osman Abokor Dubbe
2. Abdikarim Mohamed Hassan.

1. Layla Ahmed Ismail
2. Mohamed Mohamud Abdi.

1. Bilal Idris Abdilahi
2. Zeinab Ahmed Boqore.

Security has been beefed up at the Afiooni camp where the elections are taking place, with Somali Police Force and AMISOM troops in charge of security.



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