Puntland police arrest killer


Nugal Regional Police in Puntland have arrested Mohamed Abdulkadir Muse (Afdheere) in Laanta Hawada village, east of Garowe, in Botan Cowl, a Puntland naval officer.

A statement from the Nugal Regional Police Command said that the killer escaped after the killing, but the forces arrested him between Barweyn and Budun Buto in Qarxis area of ​​Nugal region.

Nugal Regional Police Commander Colonel Mohamed Aden Jama said Nugal Regional Police Forces are always on the lookout for anyone who commits murder.

The killing of Botan Cowl, a Puntland security official, comes a day after Puntland President Abdirahman Mohamed Farole’s bodyguards killed a woman named Maryan Ahmed Ato in Garowe.

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