The remaining members of the Upper House of the Northern Regions will be elected today


Today, the Aficio Tent Center in Mogadishu is set to reopen to hold elections for the Upper House seats in the Northern Provinces, completing the remaining 5 seats in the 11 Northern Provinces.

Yesterday, the first six seats in the Upper House of the Northern Regions were elected in the Aficio Tent, some of which were of interest.

The five seats up for grabs in today’s Aficio Tent are being contested by members who have been in office for the past four years and newcomers who are now vying for the seats.

First Seat

1. Said Abdi Hassan
2. Jama Abdilahi Mohamed

Second seat

1. Muno Omar Hassan
2. Nacima Hassan Haji Mohamud
3. Suaad Hassan Mohamed.

Third Seat

1. Abdirizaq Ahmed Ali
2. Hassan Abdi Gas.

3. Ahmed Mohamed Said.

Fourth seat

1. Ahmed Ibrahim Mohamed (Qorane).
2. Bashe Mohamed Ismail.

Fifth seat

1. Deeqa Hassan Hussein.
2. Hodan Abokor Hassan.

The election of the Upper House seats is nearing completion, and it is expected that the states in the country will soon complete the election of the remaining seats in the Upper House.



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